Contract Research & Analytical Services

Molecular Biology Analysis

ChemGeneics Molecular Biology Service covers everything from DNA to Protein with a big emphasis on value for money and best results.  Read More

Proteomics Analysis

We are dedicated to providing top quality cost effective Proteomics services from sample preparation to generating high quality data. Read More

Bioassay & Analytical Services

We have significant experience working with small molecules, biological samples, method development, bio analytical method development. Read More

Food & Agri Product Analysis

We carried out wide range of analysis like; Food Microbiology, Biochemical Assays, Vitamins Profiles, Nutritional Profile, Aflotoxins Studies Read More

Environmental Studies

Considering this requirement of mankind, we are involved in offering Toxicity Profiling,, Environmental Testing and Analytical Services. Read More

Pesticide Residue Analysis

Our highly qualified team of analytical chemist,  and technicians offer laboratories an extensive range of modern and integrated solutions. Read More

Fertilizer & Chemical Analysis

Fertilizer can be classified as natural or manufactured and material containing at least 5% of one or more of the nutrients   Read More

Herbal Analysis

We carried out wide range of water analysis like; ground water, seawater, waste water, and drinking water testing, remediation, studies. Read More

Fragrance & Essential Oil Analysis

Essential oils are high-value ingredients extracted from plants. They are not only used in cosmetics, but also in many food applications Read More

Polymer & Rubber Analysis

We have  having a well equipped  laboratory with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and technicians that provide Flavor  and Academia. Read More

Petroleum Product Analysis

We are offering you to perform your oil, gas, petrochemical, biodiesel, hydrocarbon, alternative fuel or petroleum testing and analysis Read More

Forensic Sample Analysis

deal with sensitive biological, chemical, trace evidence, hairs, fibers, glass, paint, wood, explosives, fire debris, flammable liquids  Read More